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Feature of Spiral Retaining Rings

Are you forced to choose retaining rings from JIS products? We can produce Spiral Retaining Rings based on your requirement, so you can design flexibly.

  • It is coiled and molded with rounded wire rod, unlike pressed products, burr and undercut never appear.
  • We have standard stock but you don't have to produce any new mold or jig even in the case of custom made.
  • You can choose general carbon steel and stainless steel resisting rust.
  • It does not have any handling projection unlike c type retaining rings, you can save space a lot.
  • You can use exclusive jig or handling in the case of attaching. It is very easy by using straight slot screw drivers.


Design of Spiral Retaining Rings

Calculation of thrust load

You can calculate the allowable thrust load of ring in the following formula.

Ps:Allowable thrust load(N)
D:Shaft or hole diameter(mm)
T:Thickness of ring(mm)
Ss:Shearing force of material(MPa)
K:Factor of safety(dead load・3 dynamic load・5 impact load・12)

Calculation of stress in the case of attaching

You can calculate stress in the following formula when you attach ring in the shaft or the hole.
We recommend you to assume this stress should be lower than yield point of the material.

For hole S=(C・E・H)/[Dn・(1-C)]
For shaft S=(C・E・H)/[Dn・(1+C)]
S:Stress at the time of attaching(MPa)
Dn:Circle diameter of ring(mm)
C:Changing rate of the maximum or minimum diameter, and hole and shaft.
E:Young's modulus(MPa)
H:Width of ring(mm)

spiral image 0001

High corrosion resistance, and low magnetism SUS316

sp01Under environment concerning about corrosion, retaining rings with SUS304 in JIS is very popular.
However, under environment soaking in the water for long time or high salinity concentration, SUS304 will be corroded and the function of the retaining ring might be spoiled. So we have prepared SUS316. SUS316 is made by adding Mo with SUS304. Fine passive film will be made and show superior corrosion resistance.
In mechanical seal or the connection parts of the pump that is required high corrosion resistance,
Spiral Retaining Rings made in SUS316 is hired and get good evaluation.

sus316hyo max


In addition, the corrosion resistance of SUS316 for various solution is superior than other stainless steel.
Austenitic stainless steel has face-centered cubic structure, and is nonmagnetic under the state of fluidization, but magnetism will occur by cold forming.
This is because some austenitic organizations transforms into deformation induced martensite.
In order to improve strength, if we proceed plastic working such as lengthning, rolling and molding retaining rings, it will be feeble magnetism.
The degree of structural transformation of steel is influenced by the number of the component element.
It is easy to transform to martensite according to quantity of nickel in the case of SUS304 which is representative of stainless steel, so it shows remarkable magnet reaction. But SUS316 is hard to transform into martensite and does not receive much influence by cold-forming. Therefore, please consider to hire Spiral Retaining Rings made in SUS316 when you need nonmagnetic retaining rings for light electrical equipment.

Application example of our product

Fix plain bearing

It is used to fix the plain bearing for the rotor shaft. It was hired because of superiority for attachment in small space. The reliability under hard environment is evaluated.

Fix ball and roller bearing

When you fix bearing by ring, you can prevent the damage by the vibration by adding pressurization with preload spring at the same time.

Attaching and removing of Spiral Retaining Rings

Attaching and removing of Spiral Retaining Rings


When you attach the ring, you can do by hand without using any special tools.
In addition, you can use exclusive jig to improve working efficiency.
When you remove the rings, hang on the notch using straight slot screw drivers and raise the edge of ring from the groove, and remove it.

Lineup of Spiral Retaining Rings

Ring for the light load

With one reel ring in the case of low thrust load

spiral image 08


spiral image 09



Ring for the middle load

With two reel ring, It can endure double thrust load compare with for the ring for the light load.

spiral image 10



spiral image 11


Ring for the heavy load

It is the ring using the thicker material than the ring for the middle load in order to be able to endure high thrust load.

spiral image 12


spiral image 13




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