Spiral Retaining Rings made in SUS316 High corrosion resistance, and low magnetism

sp01Under environment concerning about corrosion, retaining rings with SUS304 in JIS is very popular.
However, under environment soaking in the water for long time or high salinity concentration, SUS304 will be corroded and the function of the retaining ring might be spoiled. So we have prepared SUS316. SUS316 is made by adding Mo with SUS304. Fine passive film will be made and show superior corrosion resistance.
In mechanical seal or the connection parts of the pump that is required high corrosion resistance,
Spiral Retaining Rings made in SUS316 is hired and get good evaluation.

sus316hyo max


In addition, the corrosion resistance of SUS316 for various solution is superior than other stainless steel.
Austenitic stainless steel has face-centered cubic structure, and is nonmagnetic under the state of fluidization, but magnetism will occur by cold forming.
This is because some austenitic organizations transforms into deformation induced martensite.
In order to improve strength, if we proceed plastic working such as lengthning, rolling and molding retaining rings, it will be feeble magnetism.
The degree of structural transformation of steel is influenced by the number of the component element.
It is easy to transform to martensite according to quantity of nickel in the case of SUS304 which is representative of stainless steel, so it shows remarkable magnet reaction. But SUS316 is hard to transform into martensite and does not receive much influence by cold-forming. Therefore, please consider to hire Spiral Retaining Rings made in SUS316 when you need nonmagnetic retaining rings for light electrical equipment.