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Why sometimes the surface color of the product different?

We prepare thermal refined material, and relieve stress after molding as necessary.
The color may be changed by heat treatment.
The amount of oil attaching on the surface of material or the state of heat-treatment furnace are different. It causes the difference in color of the oxidation film of the products at heat treatment.                     
However, the difference in color of the oxidation film may not have any influence on the mechanical feature of the products.

Why stainless steel products are magnetic?

Austenite stainless steel such as SUS304 are not magnetic in the state of fluidization, but magnetism might occur by cold forming.  This is because austenitic organizations transforms into martensite.
So when we proceed plastic working such as lengthning, rolling and molding retaining rings, it will be feeble magnetism.
If you want nonmagnetic products, we recommend you to demagnetize or hire SUS316 which is hard to transform into martensite.

Do you have any insertion jig for Spiral Retaining Rings?

We do not have any standard insertion jig for Spiral Retaining Rings because there are no standard specification such as the length from the tip to groove.
If you want, feel free to contact us.
※ You can attach by hand if the groove near from the hole and the shaft.
Please see this PDF file about attaching and removing method.

What is the maximum and minimum diameter you can produce?

Result of Spiral Retaining Rings ⇒: Maximum outer diameter φ 740mm ; Minimum outer diameter φ 5.6mm
Result of Scrowave Springs ⇒: Maximum outer diameter φ 500mm; Minimum outer diameter φ 5.6mm
If you have other request, feel free to contact us.



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