Environmental Policy

Basic philosophy

MATSUMURA-KOHKI Co.,Ltd determine the basic policy as below to aim the health of people and realization of wealthy society through business operations under the fundamental principle 'To contibute to global environment conservetion and fulfill magement based by our effort to reduce the environmental load'.

Basic policy

  • We perform the environment manegement activities good for us as follows to securely recognize influence toward environment by our products,business activities and office work;
    • Reduction of the waste
    • Promotion of enbironment activity education
    • To manage the product component chemical substance and to
      observe customer requirements and law / regulations
    • Promotion of 5S
  • We set up environmental objective and goal, review the validity
    every year, improve continuously environment management system
    and prevent the pollution.
  • We observe law / regulation,agreement and other requirements
    related to environment.
  • We promote environment education so that all employees mayunderstand environment management policy and may act based onsuch policy.
  • We widely open this environment policy to the public by publishing our WEB Home page.