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We are ISO/TS16949:2009 authorized company.

ISO TS16949 2009We have been working on producing at a higher level to satisfy Quality Management System which our customers require. In September 2017, we have received the only common Certificate of the world, ISO/TS16949, specialized in automobile industry.

We are ISO9001/2008 authorized company.

認定証To provide good quality products, we have been producing with complete quality control. And, for further quality improvement, we acquired ISO9001 certification in June, 2006, and updated to 2008 version in November, 2009.

We are Ecostage 2 authorized company.

Ecostage enables not only construction of "environmental management system which is linked with business" but also realization of the high business management system based on ISO14001. It evolves to "environmental business system" = "environment management system which is linked with business" by introducing "environment" based on conventional business management system.
We acquired Ecostage 1 in April, 2005 and uploaded to Ecostage 2 which is covered all requirements of ISO14001 in April, 2012 and updated in April, 2013.




Ecostage 2 Certification

We acquired the certification as Kanagawa child and child care support company.

神奈川県子ども・子育て支援推進We acquired the certification of the title by the rule of Kanagawa child and child care support regulations Article 15 Clause 1 on December 18, 2009.
We will continue to effort in order to all employees have "reason for living, and worthwhile job" and realize the environmental that can spend the wonderful life in future.


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